Koraput is a district located in the state of Odisha in India. Open defecation is still a part of the regular lifestyle in this town with a predominantly large farmer and potter population. Hence, with the Indian government’s goals in mind, Project Matka makes use of local pots for construction and creates a local identity to introduce Koraput’s first public toilet facility.
The section of the filler slab showcases the mechanism of water collection in a high rainfall region.
 The rainwater gets filtered and collected to be reused for the landscape and washbasins. The half-arched roof
ensures a maximum portion of the rainwater that falls on the roof is collected for filtration.
The pots in the filler slab makes the construction light and the replacement of some of the perforations replaced by glass brings in filtered sunlight during the day.
Note: This was made in a group with members Aishwarya Pai and Shicheng Xiong.
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